Next Gen, Gaming

My name is Joel, I am 13 years of age and am the owner/devopler of this website, my goal is to bring the world and everyone I love, closer together, and to make peace with everyone around the world. That is my true end goal, therefore I started designing a site to sell all the things I love, online.

My talents as of right now are, web development , youtubing, professional gaming, climbing, swimming, and karate. Therefore I’m trying to build a soild, and stable future for myself, and the poeple I love and care for, I hope to not let it go to waste. I shall try my best in this harsh and merciless world.

Joel@Play the brand officially started in Jun 2016, and had also first started building across platforms like youtube, then discord and also websites, and throughout twitter and twitch aswell. I hope to keep building it, and make an amazing future for the next generation and myself. I am also self employed and I am working at home selling things online until I’m 16 and can work as a web developer for a company.